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Marketing Advice from Primetime Retailers

This past weekend, Nationwide Marketing Group hosted their 59th edition of the PrimeTime event in Orlando, Florida.

The Gaylord was abuzz with activity as retailers from all across the United States gathered together to learn, grow and network. As it was Adrienne’s first in-person Furniture, Appliance and Mattress event, she took to the halls to ask retailers on the front line for their best piece of marketing advice. The responses were overwhelming and business owners freely shared real stories of advice and tactics that have worked for them in their markets. 

Listen or watch to learn innovative ideas from those on the front lines!

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Welcome to prime time.

Mark Kinsley 

What is up? Okay, welcome to the fam Marketing Show strategies, tips and ideas to help you grow your furniture, appliances and mattress business. We are here live on the floor

Adrienne Woods 

and I got the trivia question. Oh, how many vendors do you think are from time?

Mark Kinsley 

How many vendors are in primetime? Okay, get your guests in? Are we gonna get options?

Adrienne Woods 

Oh, okay, I’ll come up with options.

Okay, so about

Adrienne Woods 

200 200 137 or 30 749.

Mark Kinsley 

Okay, hang on to your guests, because at the end of the show, we’re gonna reveal the answer. Nationwide primetime for people that don’t know is where independent retailers from all over the country are gathered to grow their businesses, understand new ideas, get connected with vendors and partner programmes. We are here gathering up your best marketing tips.

Adrienne Woods 

We have talked to dozens of independent retailers and I ask them one simple question, give me your best marketing tip in under 30 seconds and we’ve got that here for you and I’m gonna play them all. So we hope you enjoy it. If

Mark Kinsley 

you have a marketing tip you want to share with us, email us GO TO BAM dot news in Texas on our podium number. Without further ado, get ready to absorb ideas from independent retail community brick and mortar to click in order. Nationwide Marketing Group is your partner for the entire shopping journey. When it comes to digital marketing nationwide members don’t just buy clicks or impressions. They get results. You see nationwide Marketing Group is a premier Google partner with an industry leading digital marketing platform called ad rocket nationwide gets your store in front of customers during the shopping journey driving customers into your store to buy from you learn more right now at Nationwide

Chris McDonald 

I’m Chris McDonald from Zoners appliance in Conway Arkansas and the best piece of marketing advice I’ve found in the last 30 years is to know your customer know what drops you know what brings them in the store know what brings them back into the store after that initial purchase?

Romona Washington 

Well, my name is Ramona Washington. I am the owner of Lily’s furniture gallery and we’re located in Bowie, Maryland. My best marketing advice is treat your customers with the utmost respect. Do heavy marketing of postcards. We also do an eight page circular that we send out to our customers in our our marketing. It keep in mind that you’re only as good as your last customers have to know how to find you. They have to know that you exist. You have to put some money in marketing, you cannot open your store and we have three stores so you can’t open your store and not tell your customers where you are. That’s not going to work in this business.

Chad Kvangnes 

My name is Chad quantumness with jet and black appliance from Everett, Washington and the best marketing advice I ever got a simple call the damn leads.

Chad Burris 

Right My name is Chad verse I work for nationwide marketing group. My advice was all the way back to my college days and a marketing professor and he led every single class with one line and it was the one line of advice. The worth of a thing is the price that will bring any drill that into our heads. And so now we know from my marketing guy, the words are the things the price that will bring

Steve Green 

Steve green now from Birmingham, Alabama, with beds expressed. And the best peak piece of marketing advice is that you just every time you advertise or market, you better be able to tell a good story.

Wynn Wallace 

When Wallace and I’m from New Braunfels, Texas, and I represent the Broncos Mattress Company, and the best thing that we do is focus on customer service and getting those reviews and turning those reviews and the five star reviews. And I think a lot of that helps Speak for yourself. When people do they’re starting their research.

Sally Zappe 

Hi, I’m Sally and this is Jennifer and we own ailleurs furniture and hallettsville Texas, we’ve changed a lot with the style and display of our furniture and trying to reach different consumers of all areas, all markets, not just one, one demographic. They’ve been very receptive. They enjoy coming in and seeing the different styles that we’ve displayed and put out and

Adrienne Woods 

excellent. How long is your store been around use? It was family owned, it’s

Sally Zappe 

been in business. It’s a family store. It’s been in business for 60 plus years. Alright, I’m Nate Grenda. With mattress King in Middle Tennessee. We have 13 mattress stores and have been in business since 1994. So 28 years. I would say the best marketing that we’ve done is being unique in the sense that you add some humour to your advertising but not so far that it becomes cheesy. And we’ll get we’ll get that where customers will talk about our commercials in, it becomes fun, but we still communicate the message. And then obviously continue to push yourself to expand and grow. And stay up with the current times. Obviously, we’re pushing digital, just make sure you continue to push and stay out there and challenge yourself.

Brian Velasquez 

So my name is Brian Velazquez and from Albuquerque, New Mexico, I’m with BIOS builder source. And the great thing about communities nationwide of conferences are that it’s validating for the things that we’re doing correct. And it creates enthusiasm on our floor and great things happen. Under great enthusiasm.

Jackie Ricardo 

My name is Jackie Ricardo, with relaxing comforts here in Winter Park, Florida. I would say the best marketing advice that we’ve had is collect as many Google reviews as you can. They’re so important. have customers that come back for anything to your store, grab a review, maybe a couple of pictures as well, they also help with having that faith behind those words. So that’s helped us a lot people find this a lot. And they see a lot of stars, a lot of good, good, good reviews. And that’s super important for marketing.

Great ideas. Oh my gosh, they

were wonderful people. Thank you. I love meeting

Mark Kinsley 

people. So it’s really fun to actually get out in the wild here and understand what we’re having retailers. So it was a nice job. Thank you.

Adrienne Woods 

It’s my first time. So what did you think? I thought it was very great. It’s very eye opening to actually get to know the community. In the furniture, appliance mattress industry kind of got to come to a market to do it. Yeah, I mean person is necessary.

Mark Kinsley 

We will go around and you see the scope of how big this industry is, and how much independent retail represents, you know, such a big swaths of the business. I remember the first time I walked into the expo hall, when I’m like, Oh, I can’t believe how many vendors I can’t believe what goes into making these businesses work. And they supply obviously does a fantastic job of that. So thank you for having us. Much love to you. What else do we miss anything? 130 740 949 vendors


here at Nationwide plots? I

Mark Kinsley 

love that.

Adrienne Woods 

I think they said they had over like 3000 individual people. So it’s a great place to connect. Great place to get ideas. Yes, we’ll see you next time.

Mark Kinsley 

I gotta I know you wanted to cook. How many people have asked for your autograph?

Adrienne Woods 

I mean, it might be on two hands. But people are recognising people. Do they recognise me? Probably more separate the voice to my actual face. But I’ll take

it I have heard at least one versus say.

Hey, we’ll do it. We’ll toss around a different episode.

Mark Kinsley 

Alright, thanks for tuning in. If you have tips and ideas you want to share with us, please head over to fam dot news. You’re part of the family love night

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