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ISPA Innovations: Short and Sweet Elevator Pitches

Imagine you’re on an elevator and you have one to two minutes to pitch your product.

Do you know what you’d say?

The FAM had an amazing time at the ISPA show, and one of our favorite parts was getting the chance to see and talk to innovative companies in the mattress industry about their new and trending products.

There were mattress recycling machines, new ways to eliminate glue from the manufacturing process, exciting new comfort layers from foam companies, and coil constructions that will cradle your body. We saw it all and were able to grab a few people to tell us what makes their products so dang special but YOU get to be the judge.

Didn’t get to make the trip? No worries because we are bringing ISPA to The FAM!

Check out the elevator pitches below:

Christina Pennant

Christina Pennant, Creative Director of Full Home Fashions. This is our caviar collection. It matters because it grounds everything from luxury and performance. This is our new cooling feature. The reason why this has triple cooling is because it has three levels of cooling from colour. So it’s not just pee in a regular form. All three shades of colour in here are all p. So this is taking the full face calling of performance to the highest level got a very strong geometric, the colour balance plays well it’s got highs and lows, that sprinkle of salt and pepper. It gives that level and dimension that works on your floor and then also works from an econ perspective. So this has everything in terms of performance on that visual element.

Doug Guffey

Doug Guffey with Atlanta Attachment, Senior VP of Sales. What we have here is our 1314 AR, which is our automatic, pocketed coil recycling machine. It solves a problem that we’ve had in the industry that we’ve all kind of neglected, but we’re putting it at the forefront of our industry, we’re able to take the metal spring and extract it out of the pocket of material, separating it making it to viable recyclable products. We see it both from landfills, recycle centres, manufacturers, this could fit into retail locations as well. In a current manufacturing facility, if they have defective products, they turn around, it’s going into Atlanta, it’s being bailed out for the most part, there’s no solution for it. So if they had this in their facility, they could turn around and take the coils out, at least get the metal back to where the metal needs to be. The polypropylene could be taken to another resource as well. So they’re able to control and maintain within their own facility, their their level of scrap being able to take it and send it to a dump talking about this for probably a good 10 years in the industry. Now there’s a solution that’s out there for them.

Mark DesJardin

This is Mark DesJardin. Boxes used to be like this. And now you can be like this Hi. So by try pulling the mattress, we’re able to put more onto a pallet and you can actually fit a king sized bed into this. But this goes back to like what’s important about what is in the mattress. So how you build the bed are you building with the materials that can recover from putting it into a box like this, but we’re going from doing a 40 to 43 inch high box down to a 30 inch box 16 inch by 16 inch by 30 inches high. And you can put a king sized mattress in there got to be waste to get more beds onto a truck more beds onto a pallet, take a foot out of the box, use less material and make sure that we’re using materials that are either biodegradable, compostable can be recycled. When you’re manufacturing How do you do more beds per person more beds per square feet. With hiring be such an issue. We want to make sure that we’re doing things that are ergonomically safe for customers like like less movements as they’re going through it and then going as fast as possible going straight from that matches being built. We went right into a package and getting it out to the door.

Tim Witherell

So this is Flexicore. Flexicore are fine gauge wire 19 and a quarter gauge, 14 turn coil that is constructed using all ultrasonic welded no glues in the process. So it’s 100% sustainable, potentially 100% recyclable about 3000 coils per unit per queensize unit. So high coil count, high functionality, great feeling product.

Tim Witherell

Healthcare was started a couple years ago as a way for us to look at how we could provide a high low adjustable bed into the home market in replacement of full scale hospital beds. hospital beds are extremely expensive, and we saw it as an opportunity to look at a part of the market that wasn’t being serviced. The mattresses system is called the Kalmia mattress system. It has a high low adjustable bed two different mattress styles, a firm and a plush, depending on what the customer needs. What the bed serves is the opportunity for a high low option and adjustable bed for those that need to rest at home after surgeries or a convalescent home type setting that they don’t want to go into a nursing home. They could stay at home get a better quality of life around family members, but yet their family members need to take care of them so they can raise the bed up or lower the bed to get them in and out easily.

Embrace was pretty much invented about 20 years ago. Knickerbocker saw a need to really reinvent the old bedframe mattresses were no longer flippable box springs no longer had box springs and everything was going for that one sided mattress. A couple of the manufacturers came to us and said build us pretty much a bulletproof bed frame, for lack of a better term, make it so there’s no flexing, no motion transfer we need for these one sided mattresses. So we came out with these products. There’s zero motion transfer, which is the way beds are built today. So they complement that support story. So it’s a zero motion transfer, bedding support system and they look terrific. If you think about adjustable bases are very popular. There’s a big gap between the adjustable base down to the commodity bed frame. So these products retail from $99 to 399. And they basically fill that gap between the adjustable base and the commodity frame so they filled they fill that price point they fill that gap and a retailer can basically add margin and add dollars to every everyday bedding ticket.

Georg Hoefler

Hey I’m Georg from logic data and I’m business development manager for adjusting the basis. The cool thing about our basis is that all our bombs are truly UPS shippable they all models come in one box, no matter the size 20 Sell King, singer King singer Ken King, always in the same box. All sizes below 130 inch 150 pounds, so perfect for ecommerce for drop shipments spacesaving for cash and carry retail you just can get them into the back of your car, carry them home. Ideal for narrow hallways for elevators, our products are ready to assemble very easy to assemble so you don’t need any tools. You never have to flip the whole bet. The heaviest part to lift while assembling the bed is probably 25 pounds. Just a few screws are necessary low teens to set up the bed and I would say five minutes. Our top model the Cosmo Viana is the only UPS shippable wallhugger in the market. So we saw that feature kind of went away throughout the last years because everybody focused on ship ability and we were able to include this feature again and at the same time be ups shippable we exchanged parts of the base so it’s not necessary for a technician to go into a house and exchange a motor or do some some work on the product in the bedroom. You just dismantle the bed as you set it up in like five minutes. Get the broken part out of the bed and replace it with a new one that we send to the consumer.

Ila Farshard

I’m Ila Farshard. I’m responsible for Vitale a we make a product that is both vacuumed and freeze freeze. The vacuuming creates round cells and the freezing creates the open cell structure around cell structure leads to a good bounce because something that is perfectly round is also able to bounce very well. So if you compare that to memory foam, you can see that the energy goes to waste. So it’s important to be able to turn in your sleep. We can show you here that the airflow is going fire the pod that is most easy. So here you can see that the airflow by Italie is better than that of a memory foam. One I wonder what if you got me into Nate, what did you got me into? So I’m sure we don’t need to. So what is also very nice about our product, our product is made naturally so we have patented and that mist that is that is free of any toxins. There are no carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductive toxins or non material from we protect the plantation and the wildlife around the plantation so that you can always be sure that you’re doing a sustainable and make a good choice.

Matthew Anderson

Zonkd is a company that started off importing finished covers and fr materials from Asia. We have our own production facilities in El Salvador. And we also contract production around the world. We source globally, fabrics and other raw material items from different suppliers in Turkey, India, Mexico, the United States, and Asia. We bring those all together in our production facilities, whether in the western hemisphere or in Asia, and we convert those into finish Matrice fabrics and other products for our customers to deploy to their plants. We ship them up real time through the Gulf of Mexico, on a very, very quick turn basis, eliminating port congestion in California and other facilities offering low cost, high quality rapid execution into the US market. On average, we’ve been able to help them remove two people per mattress production line and help them to dedicate those hours and those available bodies to other parts of the plant to keep their production flowing. What we’ve been focusing on our solutions to deploy fr Integrated Technologies into covers that eliminate the need for somebody to be putting fire socks on in the plants. Now historically, the pushback on our inherent covers is they don’t feel very good and they don’t perform very well. We have launched a new technology here at market which has transformed how those products feel and how they are perceived by our customer base. These are some of the kinds of solutions that we hear at Zonkd workout.

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