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Intuitive, Interactive, Integrated. Are you Ready For the Next-Gen 3D Solutions? 

3D solutions? Next-gen? Are you feeling overwhelmed by these terms and what could they offer that the world is all trying to adopt now? Especially for the Home Decor, Interior Design, and Hospitality markets!

Ever since the pandemic started back in 2020, a lot of brands were seeking a relatively efficient yet effective way to gain more revenue, and save more costs at the same time, as people have been used to this digitized transformation worldwide, either you are a business owner or a distributor, you have to adopt the right method to attract more traffics online. 

The U.S mattress market generated around $16,716.5 million revenue in 2020, and it’s expected to reach $26,790.4 million revenue in the next 5 to 10 years with a growth of CAGR of 5%. The market opportunity is there, are you ready to seize the chance to grow? Nowadays, people are looking for all-in-one solutions, more integrated and intuitive, and to attract your target audience, being interactive in an immersive experience is definitely a game changer for your business! 

In order to convert more deals, and achieve higher sales performance, you have to figure out how to stand out from the rest, your brand has to provide something unique, something even avant-garde, and by that, I mean the “Presentation” of your products!

You might’ve heard of 3D rendering and product visualization, but you probably never thought about adopting it, and how it could surge the sales of your products. Well, you’re not the only one, but you’re in luck now to know more about it! 

As I’m sure that either you’re a mattress manufacturer or retailer, you for sure got various types of products in your stores, the dimensions, the materials, the styles, and sometimes your brand would face some marketing difficulties whilst Americans change their tastes almost on a daily basis, business owners need to think about how to follow the trends, how to adopt the new ways, sometimes even create new trends. So, to realize all that, it can’t be simple, and the final goal is delivering a lifestyle to your customers, which CGI solution and Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality become much more important than ever here! 

Coohom, which is an experienced GCI solution provider for the U.S market, partnered with many big players like Lowe’s Home Improvements, and Ashley Furniture, etc. You might wonder how’s that going to help my business grow? Firstly, you don’t even have to ship the real products out, only things needed are the product information, then you’ll obtain your unique 3D product model, which you could apply in a wild amount of digital utilizations, such as integrating into Shopify or Wix, and any other E-commerce platforms, it’s truly amazing that your customers get to review your products with different room scenes and styles in real-time, having an online virtual showroom is as easy as it can be, you customers can directly order, and pay, and review all the items simultaneously, and what’s more important, marketing it on social channels to gain much wider reach globally is no longer a dream! 

Selling is absolutely trickier these days, and as matter of fact, buyers are getting smarter each day, however, delivering uniqueness of your products is actually quite simple if you opt for the right method, saving cost, and generating more sales, who doesn’t want that?  You want it, your competitors want it too, even those who yet aren’t joining this market want it! 

The question is, are you ready to give it a shot, and see how colossal you business could grow?  

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