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How To Do What You Can’t 

Tom Boyle can lift a 3,000-pound car. 


After dinner, one evening, Tom and his wife were traveling home when he witnessed an 18-year old cyclist get run over by a Camaro. 

He wasn’t planning to be a hero that day… You aren’t even supposed to swim for 30-minutes after eating, much less lift a car that weighs more than a ton. 

Tom didn’t hesitate. He ran to the front of the Camero and lifted the car saving the young man’s life. 

It’s worth mentioning, Tom Boyle is a reasonably strong man but not strong enough to lift 3,000 pounds of metal. He reported that (when he was much younger and in better shape) the most he had lifted was 700 pounds. 

The question wasn’t why he lifted the car, that part we understand. The question is how.

How did he do something he couldn’t? It seems like a paradox to even suggest someone could do something that they cant do. 

It turns out, when our reason is strong enough, we can accomplish things we never thought possible. 

Before you ask yourself if you can accomplish a big goal, maybe take a moment to ask yourself why it’s important to you.

If your WHY is strong enough, the HOW isn’t just possible, it’s probable.

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