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How To Choose What Mattresses To Put On Your Sales Floor

Do you go by what the rep recommends? Customer feedback? 

With more options available to dealers, figuring out which mattress to put on your sales floor can become confusing, which was recently the topic of a thread in a mattress industry Facebook group.

Steve Houk, owner of Boise Mattress, said he spent two weeks trying to figure out what he was putting in the new store. 

“I figured out how many slots the manufacturer was getting and I called and said if you have four spots what your four best selling beds to put in,” he said. “I disagreed with some of their reasoning and shifted some but it was a good starting point. I also did not tell them what other beds I was putting in.”

Lawrence Heilers, salesman at Texas Mattress Magnolia, laid it out plain and simple:

“You have to have the $299, $399, $499 price points in queen,” he said “From there it’s all about programs, not products. You would want to have a basic triple choice in hybrid and foam then a step-up triple choice in both in cooling and, if you have room, a luxury or all-natural triple choice.”

He adds that he would run the entry-level products like so: basic at a 50-55%, luxury at 55-60%, and all-natural 60-70%

James Olexa, a Mattress Firm sales rep, said that when he thinks of a great start, he builds from the middle. 

“In your middle price point, have two steps up and two steps down,” he said. “That would be about 15 beds. Then you can do three to five in foams and three to five in hybrids. That’s 21-25 beds and creates a nice fleshed-out showroom. From there, if you aren’t flooring lower-priced options, then build your wall for them.”

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