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trent ranburger

How I Back Up My Slogan “If I Won’t Have It In My House, I Won’t Deliver It To Yours”

I have been in the mattress industry for more than 23 years. Feel free to say it. “You don’t look old enough to have been doing this for 23-plus years.”

When it comes to this industry, there are not many things that I have not personally seen or done. Literally from delivering mattresses, building mattresses, selling mattresses to actually owning a mattress store (what was I thinking?)! 

I have done just about everything “mattress.” I’m not saying I have the most experience or the most knowledge when it comes to mattresses, but I have probably forgotten more than most people will ever know. 

I digress…enough about me! 

This is about two mattress companies that I truly trust and have complete faith in when it comes to them caring. 

They both care about the quality, the look, the comfort, the support, the retailer, and the consumer. They’re concerned about who is sleeping on their mattresses and getting a great night’s sleep that is healthy and re-energizing. These two companies are Southerland Inc. and Englander.  

I have purchased from several different mattress manufacturers over the years. I know what it takes to make a good mattress. I also know what it takes to make sure the mattress manufacturers you choose will not only represent you in your business but also stand behind their products! 

Because when the manufacturer is committed, that allows me to stand behind their products and sell them with confidence on a daily basis. All the while, I can sleep great at night knowing I am getting my customer the best night’s sleep for the best price! 

Both Southerland and Englander allow me to truly stand behind my slogan, “If I Won’t Have It In My House, I Won’t Deliver It To Yours”!  

I can’t guarantee many things in life but this I can most definitely guarantee: I will not sell a product that I do not truly believe in! 

That gets me to this video. I have been partners with Southerland for over 20 years. I know their products, I know their history, and I know their caring, especially when it comes to making sure their mattresses provide the best night’s sleep for my customers! 

The relationships that I have with everyone at Southerland are indescribable. From Bryan Smith to Jacob Swims, (who I knew I wanted to get to know ‘cause we both are crazy), Billy Beliles, a great damn sales rep, all the way to the wonderful ladies that take care of everything else in customer service! Along with so many others that I’m great friends with there.

Then, comes Englander in my life. Along with Mark Kinsley. 

Oh, it was love at first sight…the love that we felt from each other when it came to our industry. Not only the same care as Southerland but also the same love of being different, not following the norm, actually blazing our own trails, and all the while providing the best mattresses on the market (Prove Me Wrong). 

These two companies completely understand what it’s like in our industry and what we are all combating in the current marketplace. They are willing to step up to the plate for their retailers and make sure they have the right equipment and ammunition to fight each battle that comes because winning the war is the ultimate goal! 

All in all, it’s truly all about the partnerships you have, create, and nurture. 

When you find companies you can do all of those with and anything else that you can imagine, being at the top is not that far out of sight! 

The moral of the story? I have no idea other than it was not a paid advertisement by any of the companies named above nor anyone else not mentioned. 

If you dislike anything in this article, Lil’ Trent is prepared to take your complaints!

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