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Good Times With Tequila

If you have been following the Dos Marcos podcast for very long, you will know that tequila shots are the official beverage of the show. 

Recently I was on a business trip in Colorado and met up with some old high school friends George and Mandy Ciotti for dinner, where something very unexpected happened.

During that dinner, George found out that Mark Kinsley and I have a deep connection to that agave-infused spirit.

At this point, it’s about 8:30 p.m., and George whips out his phone and calls up his good buddy Dr. Michael Otte for a consultation. We rush through the rest of dinner and head for the car. We are making a house call on the good doctor.

Dr. Michael Otte and his wife Marnie welcomed us with open arms and big hugs, even for me, the guy they’ve never met.  

Michael brings us into his living room where I see it: The tequila shrine/collection that would shame any bar owner.

Dr. Otte and Marnie have traveled the world in search of the best tequila they can get their hands on and the evidence of that is in this short video.

Thank you to Michael and Marnie for inviting me into their home, for the shot of tequila and the education on what GREAT tequila should taste like. 

To my new friends I lift up the official toast of the Dos Marcos podcast: Here’s to great sleep, and living your best life!’

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