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GhostBed, an online mattress retailer and manufacturer, is launching a High-Performance Dealer Program exclusively for retailers at the Summer Las Vegas Market.

The program offers special benefits to retailers who carry The Ghost Massage Bed Powered by Cozzia and two other models from either the GhostBed or Venus Williams collection mattresses. 

These benefits include exclusive territories, POP materials, assistance with floor displays, and dedicated customer service representatives. The Ghost Massage Bed Powered by Cozzia, introduced during the Winter Las Vegas Market, features air-cell mechanisms for a therapeutic massage targeting pressure points. The bed has separate massaging units on each side, allowing individual sleepers to have a customized massage without disturbing the other sleeper. 

To qualify for the program, retailers must carry the Ghost Massage Bed Powered by Cozzia and two other GhostBed or Venus Williams mattresses. Interested dealers can learn more about the program by visiting GhostBed’s Las Vegas showroom. GhostBed’s parent company, Nature’s Sleep, has been a leader in the mattress industry for over 15 years, focusing on high-quality and low-cost sleep products. The company prioritizes customer service and satisfaction, offering fast shipping and a 25-year warranty.

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