Forget Tom Cruise! Englander CEO Mark Kinsley is the Real Maverick

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Each season of Just Stories has a different eight-episode theme. The show kicks off with “Recycled Dreams,” featuring eight CEOs who have woven giving back into their business strategies.

These episodes will give you a blueprint for doing the same in the most efficient way possible, which is making their learnings your reality.

Solutions to problems tackled on this episode:

1. Hidden depression & anxiety in successful people, and how to overcome it!

2. How marketing failures can be your largest learning lessons

3. How to use social platforms to give back

Mark Kinsley is a CEO, and a Podcast Host, a successful one at that, so it was fun to be able to turn the tables and ask him some questions for once! What I loved about this episode is that although we highlighted giving back and why he dedicated 5 years of his life to give away free content to his competitors, the take away for me was how he overcame his crippling anxiety and depression. Just Stories is truly that, and while Mark talks about elephant dumps in one story he also pulls the curtain back to give us some amazing truths behind the struggles of many successful people have and how he overcame them! I was truly motivated after this episode and I know you will be too!

Season 1 of the podcast is titled “Recycled Dreams” because each episode focuses on CEO’s who have utilized giving back as part of their main business strategy.  The purpose is to use the art of story telling to motivate our business communities into giving back more because when you do, everybody wins!

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