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Dream Pop Music Grows 400% On Reddit, Gets Millions of TikTok Views

Do you like Dream pop music?

If you haven’t heard of it, you might want to get hip, as #Dreampop has gathered more than nine million views on TikTok, and r/dreampop subreddit subscribers have grown by ~400% over the last four months. 

And—now considered the defining band of the genre—The Cocteau Twins averages more than 1.1m+ listeners a month on Spotify. And it had a resurgence with Millennials in the early 2000’s thanks to the band Beach House.

Dream pop music has many characteristics of alternative rock, but it’s laced with delicate, spacey soundscapes and soft melodies that make it, well, dreamy. 

There are also different types of Dream pop, from meditative to melancholic, nostalgic, and optimistic, and the genre is often interchanged with Shoegaze music—named for the fact that most of the people who play it are always looking down at their guitar pedals to make these atmospheric sounds. 

Music is a powerful medium, and it’s been shown to help people relax when trying to fall asleep, so savvy retailers can find ways to use Dream pop to their advantage when it comes to connecting with customers—like creating a custom Spotify playlist to send to customers who are waiting on their mattress to be delivered. 

You could send a message like this: “We know you’re waiting on your new mattress to be delivered. In the meantime, we thought this Dream pop playlist might help you relax and unwind.”

Stay in tune with TikTok and check out to r/dreampop to develop more ideas, as it might even help you speak to a younger audience of consumers that you’ve been struggling to connect with.

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