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Curators of Cool: Tummy Time Mattress 

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For many, complacency is the enemy. But sometimes, it breeds new ideas that never would have come about otherwise.

Such is the case for Chiropractor, Inventor, and Tummy Time Mattress Founder Lamont Smith.

Smith has spent 16 years working on his specialty called active release technique and worked with track and field teams at Mississippi State, University of Virginia, Purdue University, University of Georgia, as well as the football and track and field teams at the University of Kentucky.

Then, after buying his first portable chiropractic table, something incredible happened. After opening it up and laying down, he awoke six hours later, confused. 

“I actually slept on it for three to four nights because it was the best sleep I had ever had,” Smith says. “I wished there was a mattress like that.”

However, it wasn’t just Smith’s experience with the chiropractic table that made him take this mattress idea seriously.

“Every time I finish a lower back exam, the patient is in a prone position on the chiropractic table,” he explains. “I usually let the patient know when I’m done with the evaluation and give them the option to stay laying down or sit up. I’d say about 80% of my patients opt to stay lying face down. They say things like ‘I’ll wait right here. This feels amazing!’ or ‘I wish they had beds like these!”

After hearing patients express their comfort while on the chiropractic table time after time, the wheels started spinning in Smith’s head.

That was 2001, and the idea lingered in his head until, after talking to some of his chiropractor buddies who were doing big things, he realized he had become complacent in his career.

That’s when he decided to put pen to paper and create the Tummy Time mattress.

He drew up prototypes, talked to a patent attorney, and met up with some fellow chiropractor friends to flesh out the idea. After eight hours of ideation, the Tummy Time Mattress was born.

“I knew the basic idea of what I wanted, but we sat down and went over what it would look like and feel like, as well as what we could do with the headpiece—from cooling and/or heating mechanisms to vibration sensations or even a built-in health tracker,” Smith says. 

Made from memory foam with two removable “scoop face” holes, Smith says the mattress is not only great for daily comfort but also physically and medically therapeutic. 

“This mattress would include providing comfort post-back and -neck surgeries, relieving chronic neck and back pain/discomfort, as well as providing relief for stomach sleepers who wake up with neck or back pain and/or stiffness,” he says. “It would assist with a mirage of musculoskeletal ailments.”

While the product is still in its prototype stage, Smith says he has talked to or will talk to a few major mattress brands about partnering on the Tummy Time mattress and see where it goes. 

“I have a few potential prospects of companies that may want to work with me on this,” he says, “but I can’t do this myself, so I’m looking for a partner with the financial or manpower, and when I find them, I’m ready.”

Will Tummy Time be a success? Only time will tell. But if you are looking for something new and innovative, drop us an email at and we will get you in touch with Lamont!

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