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Corsicana Introducing Two New Collections at Upcoming Markets

Corsicana will launch a new collection of reconstructed mattresses using new technologically enhanced materials in building B, suite 1300 at the upcoming Las Vegas Market. 

The six-model grouping of hybrids will be made with foams and a coil system that together “improve ergonomic support, enhance levels of comfort, furnish pressure relief and regulate body temperature during sleep.” according to a release.

“We felt that we could inject a lot of excitement into the brand with re-engineered builds which have qualities that enhance sleep and a coil system which provides edge-to-edge support, while keeping the products affordable,” says Eric Jent, executive vice president of sales for Corsicana. “With the launch of American Bedding’s new family of mattresses, we will further strengthen what is one of our signature brand offerings.”

When the company completes its reconfiguration of the collection, American Bedding will offer a range of feels from firm to plush in profile heights of 9-inch to 11-inches. Corsicana has also refreshed the look of the covers on the new American Bedding models. All the new mattress products are hand-crafted in America and the covers are made with custom-milled fabrics chosen for durability and added comfort.

At the HD Expo, taking place Aug, 24-25 in Las Vegas, Corsicana’s hospitality division will feature its Copper Pro Tech line of bedding, which consists of nine mattresses, all of which are made with performance memory foam infused with copper—a substance that has been proven to possess anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and cooling properties.

“With travel ticking upward as the COVID-19 pandemic eases, we have an opportunity to use the HD Expo to further broaden our customer base for Copper Pro Tech,” says Rebecca Hewitt, vice president of business development for Corsicana hospitality sales. “The line was an immediate hit with large hotel chains and boutique hotels alike when we launched it. This was one of our timeliest introductions, coming at the height of the pandemic, when travelers were understandably concerned about staying in hotels with healthy and safe environments.”

Along with its bacteria- and microbe-fighting properties and its ability to provide a cooler night’s sleep, copper has also been demonstrated to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Foam made with copper acts like traditional memory foam but with a quicker response rate.

The prices for the Copper Pro Tech collection range from $299 to $350 for queen sizes. Corsicana has also been marketing the line to colleges, the military, and other commercial environments. 

Corsicana will be in booth 1631 of the Expo.

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