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Clock Watching Worsens Insomnia

A study by Indiana University explores the relationship between insomnia and clock-watching. Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

The research suggests that clock-watching during the night can worsen insomnia symptoms.

The study involved participants with insomnia who were instructed to sleep in a laboratory setting. The researchers monitored their sleep patterns and brain activity. 

  • They found that participants who frequently looked at the clock during the night had more sleep-related anxiety and reduced sleep efficiency.
  • The act of checking the clock creates a cognitive association between wakefulness and the time displayed, leading to increased anxiety and arousal. 
  • This heightened state of alertness can make it even more challenging for individuals with insomnia to fall back asleep.

Based on these findings, the study suggests that reducing clock-watching behavior could be an effective strategy for managing insomnia. By minimizing the association between wakefulness and time, individuals may experience decreased anxiety and improved sleep quality.

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