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Caleb Miskelly Appointed Chief Retail Officer of Family Empire

Caleb Miskelly Chief Retail Officer.

Started on our sales floor when I first came into the business and been around the furniture industry my whole life. My dad started the business and so really coming on the sales floor was good for me. Dad was more on the merchandising side. My uncle was more on the marketing side, so coming on to the sales floor was a unique perspective from a family member.

I enjoyed working on the sales floor for a year and then started doing some of our training stuff in the middle of Covid, took over our sales team and then just threw some transitions over these last year. So we’ve, been given the marketing department and our sales department and customer service.

The thing that I believe in the most is getting really good people around me and trusting them. Get smart people, people that are smarter than I am. And usually that works out pretty well in, in our favor.

So we’ll just believed in that. Try to give vision direction as much as I can. Have good communication with my dad, who’s our CEO. So it’s really been fun. I enjoy it. Me and my two sisters are both in the business. My little brother says he can’t handle the Easter conversations even.

It doesn’t really stop. You end up going on vacation, you’re talking about work, but it’s, I think, with something we really all do love and we’re passionate about it and we really enjoy the people side of it. Really getting to make connections, and developing some amazing friendships in the business and in just the industry in general.

Mattress side of our business has been really good. We have, obviously a lot of new stuff coming on our floor. We just rolled out Stearns. We just brought out our nude breezes. We actually just launched a private label collection, with Diamond. We have 19 beds that we just rolled out. So we had a lot of new stuff, a lot of contests running.

Our sales team usually responds well to that. So it’s been a great and really last quarter for mattresses in general. I think we hit it off pretty quickly with the guys from Diamond and really liked the direction and vision that they had as well. We believed from a digital standpoint we gotta be able to ship directly to our customers and be able to do that with the private label was very appealing to us. It felt like we had a really strong brand that we could attach our name to make some good mattresses out of. We had a lot of experience in the industry, so we just felt like it was, it made a lot of sense for us.

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