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Broad River Retail Forms Partnership with Koalafi

This is Charlie Malouf. I am the President and CEO of Broad River Retail.

What’s new? We’ve just announced a brand new partnership with Koalafi sounds like a koala bear, but it also means qualifying your customers for financing or leasing. I think in the space that Koalafi operates, what you don’t often hear is a company that really cares about the guest experience.

We believe that every customer is vitally important to us. Every guest is vitally important to us, and when you’re talking about every guest, every customer, it doesn’t matter what your credit score is or what your credit worthiness, or what your credit rating is. So whether you’re starting up or starting over, it matters who you are.

And I think what matters is Broad River retail and Koalafi, have aligned values and aligned vision of serving every guest like they truly matter. And giving them our absolute best and not treating them like a second class citizen, if they have a ding on their credit.

How we’re doing it differently with Koalafi, we’re building the muscle internally to really make sure that we become great experts at providing all of our options to our guests and not doing a handoff to someone else who may not have the same level of care or concern for the guest as our home furnishings consultants do.

Number two, I really think that we’ve got a company that cares more about helping these customers build back their credit and not take advantage of them, but really make sure that they’re doing what’s best for the customers.

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