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BIG Bedding Demand and a Screeching Supply Chain

As consumer mattress demand takes on a runaway-train-pace,  manufacturers are experiencing supply chain problems.

Spunbond material used for fabric-encased coils is being gobbled up for the medical PPE used to guard against coronavirus. Leggett & Platt has moved to a needle punch product that’s more expensive and many suppliers are facing similar raw materials issues.  

Foam, fabric, and sewing operations are all experiencing set-backs. Dos Marcos wonders, “Who would have predicted a scenario where mattress demand spiked amidst a global pandemic?” 

Mark your calendar because Mark and Mark are set to do a live podcast with the co-CEOs of Nectar at 12 p.m. CST, Aug. 11th. And coming up at 1 p.m. Aug. 18, the duo is hosting a session during Furniture Today’s virtual Bedding Conference.  


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Foot traffic is expensive. Do you know what’s more costly? We call it “Track Lack.”

If you lack the ability to track who’s coming into your store and what happens while they’re there (and after they leave), you could have a severe case of “Track Lack.” 

Doorcounts is a tracker and a connector. Doorcounts Connects: 

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Here’s how Doorcounts works:  1) a camera sends a photo to the next salesperson’s smartphone. 2) the salesperson then records details in a CRM database and upboard from their phone 3)  actions can be automatically scheduled and/or fulfilled 4) you never miss another sales opportunity. 

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