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Battle Buddies: Winning the War Between Value and Price Promotions

Show us your marketing and we will show you your customer base. 

The FAM Marketing Show is reviewing a popular Tiktok video and breaking down the marketing principles. 

In this episode, Quinn joins Adrienne to discuss the problem with unaccommodating salespeople, industries who fail to keep up with changing times and how the sales you promote indicate the type of customer you seek after.

In this TikTok by @moneymanmyers, the creator recaps a recent sales transaction for the purchase of a new car. In 57 seconds, he identifies a problem in the car sales industry and explains why he spent $18,000 more on a vehicle at a place other than a dealership. After a comment on the original video indicated that he wasn’t giving car shopping the deference due, he follows up in this TikTok about how people value two things: money or time. 

Quinn and Adrienne dissect how placing too much value on one or the other will indicate the type of customer you’re after and why isolating your marketing to one customer base, may cost you in the long run. 


Mark Quinn: So show me where you spend your time. I’ll show you what you value, show me what you’re saying to your customers, and I’ll show you how you feel about them and their interest all coming up on the FAM Marketing show right now.

Adrienne Woods: Winnie, welcome back to the show.

Mark Quinn: How about it, Adrian? Uh, you’ve got a great list teed up for us today, or topic teed up for us today.

You sent me a TikTok video and I love it and I think it’s gonna be a great conversation, so

Adrienne Woods: I’m super excited about it. You know, trick. I think it’s TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform right now, or has been, obviously for a while. The fam just hopped on TikTok. So if you want to follow our Fun TikTok page, go check it out at for All Things Mattress.

Um, today we’re gonna be analyzing an a TikTok that I found. I actually sent it to Kinsley and then I sent it to Quinn and I’m like, we have to talk about this because I think we can make it applicable to our industry. So in light of that, I found a TikTok, uh, trivia question. Are you ready?

Mark Quinn: Beautiful.

Let’s go. Okay.

Adrienne Woods: I’m gonna ask you what percentage of users are over the age of 50?

Mark Quinn: Hmm. Over the age. This is one of those funny questions that. The early adopters are always the young people, and then the older people screw it up like they did MySpace and Facebook because well older people wanna get on and then the younger people are like, I’m not gonna be where my dad is.

Adrienne Woods: I don’t wanna be there. Well, it surprises me that most people, I feel like, of the older generation got on TikTok during Covid because there was nothing else to do. And so they all started flocking to TikTok. So

Mark Quinn: do you remember early on TikTok where, which by the way, we may not have much longer. Do you remember early on TikTok where they, like the younger people were all like, man, get off of here, boomer, or all of that stuff, like the younger people, the content creators were like really not wanting the boomers and millennials to get on and screw up the app.

So I remember that from early days, but that was

Adrienne Woods: pretty well I do too, but also who holds the power of the dollar, right. Most of the time it’s the older generation. So if you wanna use it as a marketing tool, you need them to be on TikTok watching your stuff. Like I have a TikTok and I have nothing on it.

Right? Like, I just literally have an account to be able to watch TikTok. That’s it. So, okay. I Do you think it’s less than 10% of people over the age of 50? Uh, 11 to 15%, or 20 to 25? Hmm,

Mark Quinn: that’s a great question. I’m going to prepare my answer and be ready for you at the end of the show, but I do have some thoughts.

Okay. All right. So before that though, why don’t you frame this TikTok you sent me and kind of tell everybody listening like what was in it, and we’re gonna link to it like we always do in the show notes. But Adrian, give us a little rundown of what you. Okay,

Adrienne Woods: so I sent you a TikTok and it basically, and, and as soon as I described this, we’re gonna show you the TikTok and then we’re gonna come back and dissect it.

But essentially, this gentleman said that he needed to purchase a vehicle and he was like, I didn’t care what it cost. I didn’t care what kind of vehicle it was. I just needed a vehicle. So he goes, I go to the L, the closest dealership to me, he goes, which was a Ford dealership. He goes, I find a car, I test drive it, and I basically hand the guy a blank check.

I’m like, here. Here’s my money. Please just like get me out of here. I don’t wanna sit in the car dealership all day. And the guy was like, I can’t do that. Basically, you’re gonna have to sit here all day. And he was like, I’m walking then I’m not gonna sit here. Why don’t you take a peek and then come back?

Adrienne Woods: Okay. There’s also a follow up TikTok, which we can also link in the show notes, but what did you think about that, Quinn? Do you think he’s right? Do you think the car industry’s going nowhere if they don’t adapt to the times? I mean,

Mark Quinn: What do you think? I don’t know about, I don’t know about that, but I can tell you this.

People like buying a Tesla because the experience of going into a Tesla showroom. Have you done that, Adrian? Have you been into a Tesla showroom

Adrienne Woods: before? No. I can’t afford a Tesla. I’m trying to build a house. No . I drive a mi. I’m in the minivan stage of

Mark Quinn: my life. Hey, I, I, I want to get rid of my car, so I’m not gonna be biting any Teslas.

I just wanna ride my bike everywhere. But, um, no. So, um, in that same TikTok, he talks about, Hey, look, I was gonna spend $45,000 on a car. But because they weren’t committed to the experience and they wouldn’t get me out of there, so I didn’t have to spend all day. I went home, I went online and ended up buying a $60,000 car.

Um, and I did it from the comfort of my house. Right now, I have purchased cars. Online. So I, I have done that and it’s you really, really easy. And I think that, oh yeah, I bought two cars, actually sight unseen my daughter’s Jeep. And then I bought a sports car for myself at one point. And you know, I went and it was an expensive car and I was like, well, There’s some risk in this and they kind of give you an out, hey, within 30 days or whatever, if there’s an issue.

And it wasn’t as represented, but, and I think a lot of people are moving to that, but the, the point of it was, you know, him saying, look, I don’t care about the money. Like for me, the, the issue for me isn’t the money. The issue for me was my time. and you don’t care about my time. All you wanted to do was talk about the $45,000 in the car, and you were focused on the price and the expense of that, and I could care less about it, and therefore I went out and spent $15,000 more on a vehicle because I paid for convenience.

Now, how many of those guys are there out there? I don’t know. But it does beg the question, doesn’t it? Like, if all you do is talk about your product and your price and your promotion, where in the world does your customer focus? It’s a hundred percent on product, price and promotion. Don’t you think?

Adrienne Woods: I 100% agree with that. And if you have watched the subsequent TikTok that we will go ahead and link, basically a commenter commented on his video and said, I can’t believe, like I spend more time shopping for groceries than I do for a car.

And a car’s a major decision that shows you, you know, that you’re not giving it the time or the deference that’s due. And I kind of disagree with that. And his point in the subsequent video is he. , you put all your emphasis on price and you have, and you give nothing to value. He goes, whereas I put all my emphasis on value and price means nothing at this point.

And so, He just talks about in general when it comes to your marketing efforts and how we’re kind of relating it back to here is if all you are doing is shoving promotions at people all of the time, 2 99 mattresses, 3 99 mattresses, and you’re doing nothing about the value and the quality well, that shows that the customer that you care about, you’re only concerned about that.

I don’t wanna call ’em a lower end shopper cause that’s not what they are. But you’re only. Really emphasizing those customers that value price, they don’t actually value any of the other amenities that are offered by the mattress versus someone else who wants to put all of the emphasis on what the mattress can do for you and focus less on price.

And so it really just comes down to what kind of customer base do you want? And I think if you show us your marketing, we can show you the customer that you’re looking.

Mark Quinn: You show us your marketing and will show us who you’re targeting, right? Yes. I mean, the, the fact of the matter is, and we’ve talked about this a lot, but it’s like, look, if, if I’m an athlete, I’m not worried about the price of the bed.

I’m worrying about how good sleep is gonna restore my body. If I’m obese, I’m not worried about the price of the mattress. I’m worried about a bed that’s gonna support me because I’m overweight, and the other beds that I’ve had are poor quality and they break down too quickly. If I am a. Person who really values, uh, luxury, then I’m not worried about the price.

I’m worried about the handmade quality that goes into it. If I’m a person that values sustainability, I’m not worried about the price. I’m worried about. Products that you can build for me that take the environment into consideration. And so just think about how narrow, uh, we cut the market because we focus on what we think is important and it’s the price.

And I’m not saying that price isn’t relevant. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t talk about price, but if that’s all we do, And we’re not addressing the things that really matter, which are the connections to build value in the product itself, then what are we missing? And by the way, Adrian, if I focus on price and everything that I do and everything I talk about you as a customer, when you come on into my store, what’s the one thing you’re focused?

Adrienne Woods: Price. That’s it. That’s the price. That’s the customer you’ve drawn in. I mean, why would I, if I value sleep and I value what I think that a mattress can do for me, do I care that you’re running a 2 99 special on a queen mattress? No, I don’t. But it also shows me you care very little about the cost of your mattress in terms of like what actually went into it.

You’re just trying to draw people in and that’s what you’re gonna get out of it. It’s just the type of customer that’s like, I don’t wanna be bothered. I just wanna know, are you gonna be able to cut me a deal on this mattress? And maybe those types of, I mean, I would also make the correlation is that a long-term customer, probably not because somebody that’s looking for the lowest price is probably not gonna come back from a loyalty perspective.

The next time they need a mattress, they’re gonna go shopping for the lowest price mattress.

Mark Quinn: Yeah, I think that’s a great observation and no. Another thing that came out in that clip, Adrian, is him making the comment, or somewhere in the video, they said something like buying a car. At a dealership is like the worst experience ever.

Yes. It’s, and so they, they, they took a swipe at the salespeople and the experience of that. Well, we’ve heard a lot of people talk about the bad experience of buying a mattress. Not always, but in some cases. And so if that’s the case too, and you kind of know that that’s the rub of people like going into retail, wouldn’t you think that like you could address that on the front?

Right and say, Hey, look, you’re gonna come into our store like we’re not gonna house you. Like, this isn’t about price. This isn’t about any of that. What this is about. It’s about you. It’s about helping you. It’s about helping you discover. Uh, the, the glory of, and the joy that comes from a great night of sleep on a great mattress with a great abase adjustable base and an incredible pillow, right?

Like, those are the things that most people value. Those are the things that most people actually are trying to solve for. And those are also the things that we completely ignore. And, and you have in a lot of our marketing messages. It, it, it is so much about price and, and, and, and, and promotion.

Adrienne Woods: And I think that’s because it’s one of these, like it’s always been this way and so therefore we’ve just carried over a bad habit that doesn’t have to be here.

Do you know what I mean? So are there any other areas aside from call it price that we could improve as an industry when it comes to our sales

Mark Quinn: tactics? Oh boy. I think probably a lot and I, I think maybe one of the biggest ones for me is. If you’re in the business of selling mattresses, that’s one game.

And we’ve talked about this a lot on the DYS Marco Show. Mm-hmm. . Um, but if you’re in the business of helping people, human beings value sleep differently, therefore improve their sleep with the products that you sell in your store, seems to me if you really cared about that consumer, you would do a better job of drilling down and really trying to have empathy and, and understand.

All of the issues that that customer is facing with their sleep, because yes, you have mattresses, yes, you have adjustable bases, all those products, but what you don’t have are lighting solutions. What you don’t have are noise canceling solutions. What you don’t have are stress relievers. All of these things play a major role.

And disruptors in terms of sleep. What you don’t have is a solution to keep your dog out of your bed. My wife woke up this morning and, and my daughter’s Australian Shepherd stays with us a lot. So it’s my daughter’s dog that lives at my house. One of those things. I’m sure people listening for all the food too.

Yeah, I’m sure the people listening to the show, there are people who are in the same boat that I am. But, um, she was cracking up because this dang dog like slept all over her and it’s a major sleep disruptor, right? And so those are the things we ignore and we don’t talk about. So I think really doing a better job of having empathy or trying to really get to the bottom up, what is this person’s issue, right?

How can I help them sleep better, even if it’s something I don’t sell? I think it would be neat if we could like really do a better job of understanding the problem better. I love that.

Adrienne Woods: Okay. Yeah, so bringing it back to TikTok, boy, we’ve watched Boyed, TikTok vandalized it. You said that you were in the plus 50 category.

I won’t share your age on, on the interwebs, but how many of your age demographic, what percentage of people are on TikTok, do you think that it or I should say, makes up the TikTok base? Not of those people. So gimme my choices. Again, less than 10% of their users, 11 to 15% or 20% plus.

Mark Quinn: Man, that’s a good question.

I’m gonna go middle. I’m gonna say it’s a little bit north of 10%. It

Adrienne Woods: is. You are absolutely right. It’s actually 11% of their total base is in the, what they call the 50 plus category, and just to make you feel even older. That’s as far up as they go. They just call it 50 plus . There’s no like 60 plus. It’s just they have their like super millennials, like less than 18.

They have the 20 to 25, the 25 to 30, 35, 30 to 40, and then 50.

Mark Quinn: That’s it. You know what, you know what sucks about TikTok is that like my kids are 18 and 20 and neither one of them or any of their friends will let me be in any of their TikTok videos. What? And I’m like, I could totally, I could totally crush that dance.

Like I could learn that in a couple, you know, I can do some of that stuff. And like, they’re like, no, you know, no. Like, like this is for our generation. I’m like, let me in on that, man. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll do that day and no one ever wants to invite me on. So. And that’s

Adrienne Woods: when you come back to them and say, who holds the power of the dollar right now?

Me, I do. I buy a bulk share of everything that’s going on in your world. That’s right. So you want, you should have me in in it to market.

Mark Quinn: You, you know what my solve is? I just say, fine. I don’t care. Uh, don’t let me, in your TikTok videos, I’m gonna create a own, my own channel. Yes. I’m gonna follow every one of your friends and they’re gonna follow me back and I’m gonna embarrass the crap outta you.

So either I’m holding them hostage. Yep. Either let me in some of your TikTok videos or I’m gonna do my own. So we’re, uh, stay tuned. We’ll see how this ends up.

Adrienne Woods: I Sounds like a great ending to this . All right. Thanks for joining us on the Fan Marketing Show this week where you can never, where you will never miss an idea that could make you a fill in the blank, Mr.

Quinn. Uh, happier. Happier is good. I was gonna taste a TikTok Superstar, but I mean, happier is good too. ,

Mark Quinn: I like your ending. See, I’m new to your show and so I know, so I will, I will get there. Kinsley did not prep me enough, so I love that. That’s, and here make you a TikTok star. That’s a great answer.

Adrienne Woods: He’s like, we’re gonna end the show and you’re gonna fill in the blank every time.

And he always puts me on the spot and I’m always like, I don’t, I don’t know what we’re gonna do. So, Join us next week on the fan marketing show to see how Quinn improves on the fill in the blank assignment, .

Mark Quinn: That’s right. And whatever you do, uh, definitely go listen to us on Spotify and on the iTunes podcast.

Give us a rating. We would love you for that. And as always, share something with your friends. Share this episode or share it with someone who may find it interesting or need to hear it because you know what, it’s all about the fam and we wanna expand it every day. So thanks everybody. Don’t drive off the road.

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