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Avocado Green Brands Moves Into Wholesale

My name is Brett Thornton, otherwise known as BT, and I am the Vice President of Retail and Digital Sales for Avocado Green Brands.

What is new is that for the first time we have gone wholesale with avocados. As you may or may not know, we have our own vertically integrated retail stores, and now we are partnering with strategic partners around the country to have avocado in their retail stores.

Why this is important is because as a retailer, you need to be where the customers are going. And in this case, that’s towards sustainability, organics and the natural products. Just like Wayne Gretzky says, he doesn’t stay where the puck is. He goes where the puck is going.

Right? And that’s what retailers need to do because consumers are asking and searching and looking for products that are in that green wheelhouse.

How our product is different is that we have a core foundational belief around transparency, which isn’t something that you always find in this industry. And that’s because our products are based around the core value that we want you to know every single thing that’s in our products, where it’s from, how it’s made, and so you understand exactly what it is that you’re sleeping on.

You know, we’re a B Corp. We donate 1% of our revenue to the planet. We’re climate neutral and we do a lot of these amazing things to ensure that our guests are confident with the products that they’re sleeping on.

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