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Ante4Autism Present Checks to Charities, Announces Details of 2022 Event

Ante4autism recently presented $30,158 checks to each of the five autism charities from the 13the annual Ante4autism poker event that took place this past August.  

Checks were presented to the Rich Center for Autism at Youngstown State University, National Autism Association – South East Ohio chapter, Karina Jett with Jennifer Strobel from FEAT of Southern Nevada, Dr. Jennifer Smith of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Adin & Myra Stone, and the Autism Speaks Ante4autism Columbus, Ohio walk team.

The final tally for the event was $158,418, which raises the grand total for all 13 events to over $1 million.

The 14th-annual Ante4autism will be held at the South Point Hotel and Casino again next year on Saturday, July 23 at 6:30 p.m. Registration will open at 5:30 PM that day.  

“We expect another great turnout in 2022 at South Point again,” says Ante4Ausitm Founder Doug Krinsky. “The South Point Grandview Lounge will play host to celebrities, professional poker players, furniture industry sponsors, and many local Las Vegas players. There will also be a live auction and silent auction that evening.”

The five Autism charities have already been picked for the 2022 event, and they are Touro Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities at Touro University Nevada, Learning 4 Life Farm, Stockhands Horses for Healing, National Autism Association of Southeast Ohio, and Autism Speaks.  

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