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Adventures of Mattman: Toast! Awards and New Year Episode (Ep 22)

Good morning Superpower Seekers! My name is Mattman SirCapesAlot, I put capes on everything! I’m the resident Sleep Superhero and comfortable caped crusader with the Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture Dream Team of Lake Norman!  

It’s my last episode of the year and I wanted to give out a couple of awards for excellence in 2021.  This is my first year and first-ever Toast! Awards.

Ladies and gentlemen, my first Toast! Award goes to the brand of the year. The brand I want to recognize has had a fantastic go in 2021 in growth. Their team recovered from the 2020 shutdown, supplied us and many of their vendors with almost no delays until very late in the game of 2021. 

The supply chain has left no team untouched but this brand held the longest streak of proactivity and I want to recognize that and say thank you. This brand of bedding also has an enormous heart! They recently donated over one million dollars of retail bedding to the Dreams 4 All foundation to be given to families in need in North Carolina. 

The winner of Mattman’s Brand of the Year Toast! Is Tempur-Pedic!! 

Thank you guys for your energy, excellence, and effort this past year and since the shutdown of 2020. There was a time where they were one of the only big businesses still shipping products and we will never forget it. 

And thank you for your contribution to Dreams 4 All. The people in need of a good night’s rest will find it thanks to your team! Standing next to a Tempur-Pedic bed, I feel like an undersized Statepuff Marshmellow man wearing his bib backwards, you guys are the real superheroes!

Next up, is the Mattman Sleep Superhero of the Year Toast! This award goes to the person who has proven they care as much about sleep as I do. I personally dub this award winner a true Sleep Superhero! They have completed the most seven-day sleep challenges next to myself and possibly the creator of the sleep planner, Shawn Stevenson of Sleep Smarter himself. 

If I could describe to you a day in the life of this Toast! Award winner, you wouldn’t believe it. This 2021 Mattman Sleep Superhero of the Year Award goes to Gregory Aaron Law!

There have been a few times since the great shutdown of 2020 that Greg has not only been a heavy hitter on our sales team, he also runs the business, does marketing, hangs with his local F3 crowd on a regular basis, is a husband, a father, a brother, and more! 

Greg is legendary. He gets more done on a daily basis than I ever consider is possible. And it was Greg who first introduced me to the knowledge and habits that create Sleep Superheroes! I wouldn’t be here without his guidance. And for a couple of times I fell off the wagon this year, Greg Law texted me his sleep schedule out of nowhere. 

Thanks to Greg, I’ve maintained my sleep planning habits, my weekly planning habits, and I’ve seen him inspire a lot of people to believe in themselves on our team. This man is a machine and his highest priority is to put others first. He is one of the leaders who taught me how to lead! 

Thank you Greg Law and congratulations on your Toast! Award. I hope to have him on the show soon. Greg and I are doing an annual challenge to shed some of the holiday huzzah. While I maintained my weight most of the year, I lost some of my momentum through October, November, and December. The challenge is to pick a weight you want to achieve and you have until April to get it done. If you don’t, you pay $500. I’ll see if I can get Greg at some point to join me and talk about the experience. 

It’s a lot of fun having awards to give out. This is a first for me! 

And this year held a lot of firsts for me! This podcast is one of them! I intend to continue producing content for the team and for the worldwide audience of potential Sleep Superheroes out there. I have found that teaching and practicing the Game Plan for Better Sleep is my true calling. Having planned out 42 out of 52 weeks in 2021, I achieved more personal growth than ever before. 

The habit of taking 5 minutes to slow down, plan out my sleep schedule, and a weekly planner of activities, has kept me going in the right direction, to the wind with the speed at which I go. I just want enough momentum to give my cape a little animation. A little flowyness is good enough for me because that means I’m moving forward!

As I sit down and reflect, I have been working on what my goals are for next year. In the Atomic Habits way, I think of the things I want to do and make my goals to mimic the habits of people who have already achieved those goals. 

LOL, if that was too much in two sentences, I’ll help you keep up!

Here’s what I am setting out to do! 

Goal #1 I want to learn how to sew. What I really want to do is make my own cape but if that’s my goal, then that’s all I will accomplish. Instead, if I learn how to sew, I can make pockets, throw pillows, and more! Somebody who makes capes likely sews. So I need the habits of a seamstress or a tailor!  

Goal #2, I intend to get cardio exercise daily. Raising that heart rate! This is a tricky one for me because I had a hip replacement last year. Some folks get right back into it but I am a bit shy on the running and jarring motions quite yet. I really want to heal and be healed. However, if I wait any longer to prepare myself for activity I’ll spend even more time getting ready. So the time is now! 

And what I really want to do is walk a 5K race and be as close to 30 minutes as possible. Pre-injury, my goal was a sub 30 minute 5K in the Mattsuit because my buddy, Mike Whitaker Master of Ceremonies, said if I could do it, he would also run a 5k in a Mattsuit. 

Well Mike, 2022 is the year! I have not forgotten your challenge sir! And not only that, walking! You know what is really unexpected? A dude wearing a 14-pound wind-catching oven mitt-looking sleepsuit at a 5K early on a Saturday morning. You know what’s even more unexpected? That same dude walked faster than a third of the participants. Just enough speed to keep that cape animated!

Last but not least, Goal #3! I intend to save as many sleep cycles as possible! So far, I can quantify 15 sleep cycles saved from people who have completed the seven-day sleep challenge three weeks in a row. 

I know that I have saved more but I do not count the sleep challenges unless it’s been done three consecutive weeks. That makes it pretty hard. My number isn’t just frivolous willy nilly cycles. I only get the accreditation if I can confirm the person’s sleep habits over a 21 day period. And the point of this goal is to have lunch with the one and only Paul Rudd. 

I mean, 2021 wasn’t a total wash-out. I did get a Christmas card from Ryan Reynolds! While not the Ant-man, a Christmas card from Deadpool is a very cool close second. Thank you Ryan for keeping my spirits high with some fun shenanigans! 

Those are my Sleep Superhero goals! And like everything else in my life, I have personal ones, too. But I’ll keep those tight to the chest. If you are a subscriber to my podcast, no doubt you will know what they are before too long. My lives sometimes blend and overlap in unexpected ways! 

In the end, making a sleep schedule, sewing capes, speed walking 5K races, and saving sleep cycles lend towards the biggest goal. Defeating the Sleeping Bandit and his sleep stealing brigade of villains that profit from your lost productivity. 

The Sleeping Bandit and his crew disguise themselves as solutions to your energy deficit when in fact, they’re robbing you of your true potential. 

Join me in my journey! Train with me to become a Sleep Superhero. When you become a Sleep Superhero, you begin to become an awake one!

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