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Adventures of Mattman: Maximizing Your Sleep! (Ep 13)

Good morning, super power-seekers! Today is a splendid day to get things done! 

I am coming to you today live from my office where I have everything I need within arm’s reach to be productive. I’ve got the swivel chair set to the right height, my Chamomile tea is piping hot and ready for consumption, and my curtains are open allowing the sun to pour in! 

I maximize my sleep every night for the chance to wake up and do something great in here every day. Maybe I’ll write a little, maybe I’ll plan a little, maybe I’ll smash some monsters for loot! Depends on what I’ve written down for my morning routine this week. But in order to create this opportunity, I first have to maximize my sleep.

If you have never heard of sleep maximization, I can help! I ask people what they think good sleep is all the time. Or I ask them if they know how to maximize their sleep. The response is typically a blank stare. 

When I’m suited up, I sometimes attribute that stare to their reaction to seeing a grown man wearing a mattress and pink glasses. But not always! When I do get a response, the most common one is a tidbit about a bedtime routine. Solid! 

Routines are great, but by and large, most of the guests at Sweet Dreams, my friends, or the public, in general, don’t know or greatly underestimate the power of sleep maximization. We’re looking for 1% better sleep every night!

So in order to paint a better picture, I’ll use some analogies, because there isn’t any experience in this world that we don’t try to maximize if it’s something we enjoy doing.

First, the dudes! Let’s talk golf. Do you grab your clubs, put the strap over your shoulder, walk the course, and swing all day? Some of us prefer to upgrade to the golf cart because it’s fun, convenient, and awesome! 

Or if you like the exercise, maybe you get wheels on your golf bag so you get around the course easier. And do you just golf? During your round, do you perhaps enjoy a tasty adult beverage every couple of holes because you are with people you enjoy and the time is right? Golf is good, but with the right people and the right accessories, golf is great!

Or how about the ladies? Let’s say you’re getting ready for a friend to come over.; somebody you haven’t seen in a year because of the pandemic. It’s time to catch up! Are you going to stand in the doorway and talk the whole time? 

No, no, no. You invite them in to sit down in this awesome sofa setup you have in the living room. You bust out the “it’s a good day to drink” adult beverage because this is a special day!

And you throw on the music to dull the regular background noise so now you can really focus on what your friend is saying. Meeting up with old friends is great, but with the right atmosphere and the right refreshments, meeting old friends is even better!

Yo, gamers, you’re out there! Do you just turn on a PC or console and start gaming? Or do you have a headset to chat with the crew? What kind of chair are you sitting in? Is it a dining room chair or one that is built for hours of gaming? Are you using one monitor or two? Do they pivot? Do you have lights on your PC/mouse/keyboard? Does your desk raise up so you can stand instead of sitting all day? 

Yeah. I could do this all day. It’s not hard to see when it’s our exciting hobbies. Maximizing an experience is built into our culture, except when it comes to sleep. Sleep is this thing that we know we need, we know we do it, but to measure how much and quality is very difficult. 

But I know for a fact every experience that we wake up and look forward to doing is enhanced to even higher levels when you maximize your sleep. Sleep is a catalyst! 

How good is your golf game when you’re tired? Are you excited to see your forever friend with circles under your eyes? And do you think you’re a better gamer when your reaction time is 20% slower because you stay up late gaming and not taking care of your body? 

People, your sleep comes first. With a solid foundation of sleep, the actions in our lives are richer, have more potential for excellence, and you may find new avenues to explore. 

Don’t make your goal to sleep really good from the first night. Instead, let’s try to sleep 1% better every night. 

I started by writing down my bedtime and my wake-up time every week. From there, you can add more sleep habits as time goes on. One percent may not sound like a huge improvement, but it is, and I can prove it! 

Let’s take this delicious pepperoni pizza. It’s a HUGE pizza! And it’s 100 pieces when perfectly sliced. Every day I will bake this pie and give you 1% more than the day before. Today, day one, you get one slice. On day two, you get two slices. 

Before long, you have too much pizza. What are you going to do on day 32? Or what about day 85? 85 slices of pizza! Yes! This is what I’m talking about! The same applies to your sleep habits. Each day is a little more effort and before you know it, you’re waking up with superpowers!

In order to maximize your sleep, you need to get a game plan.  My No. 1 recommendation is to start by writing down your bedtime and wake-up time for a whole week. Repeat this habit every week or if that’s too much, plan out the week before a really important event like your vaccine shots, a test in school, or a deadline at work. 

And that’s it! You’re all done. Start small and you will begin your journey to greatness!

What does it mean to maximize your sleep? It has as much to do with your habits while you are awake. It means making decisions that enhance your sleep experience so your body gets the rest it deserves. 

If you sleep well, perhaps that is good enough. But if you maximize your sleep, you can go from good to great! Unlock your superpowers and show the world your true potential!  

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