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Adventures of Mattman: Every Bed Needs A Pillow

I’m Mattman SirCapesAlot, the resident Sleep Superhero on the Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture of Lake Norman Dream Team.

Speaking of superheroes, the Dreams 4 All team in Lake Norman, Charlotte rescued 21 mattresses and donated them to people in August!

Shout out to the Pinehurst team with Corey Lane coming in with a big save of donated beds from Tempur-Pedic! Recipients included homeless veterans that were approved for housing and Venezualen refugees.

Great job Dream Makers! For each mattress donated is a huge number of sleep cycles saved! Including mine.

Dreams 4 All believe nobody deserves to sleep on the floor. If you are interested in making a monetary contribution to save somebody’s sleep cycles or to inquire about joining the fight in your local area, please text me at 704-706-2436. We are always looking for new superheroes to join our ranks!

Well, everybody, today is a very special day! There is a special announcement to make in just a moment. But before I break the news, I have to take a minute to stress the power of the pillow!

I try not to take for granted the weight that a pillow supports every night. Our spine is a vast network of fibers, tissue, fluid and bones balancing precariously day in and day out. Even half an inch this way or that can mean the difference between pain and comfort.

And that reminds me of a fantastic statistic: pillows support 30% of your spine while you sleep!

There are 24 bones in your spine that are flexible (not fused together) and your pillow supports about seven of those. That means 30% is a huge deal!

Think about it like this. If I come over and mow your lawn and I do a great job for 70% of it but that last 30% is rough — missing spots, meandering lines. How would you feel?

Or what if I was cutting your hair and 70% was incredible, but then the last 30% was mediocre? 

Or what if you were cleaning up the house to have it perfect for your spouse and 30% of it was only medium-clean? Do you think the effort will stand out?

Friends, 30% is a HUGE DEAL. It can make or break a good night’s sleep. And I often find that people replace mattresses more often than they replace a pillow they really like.

It can be a tough matchup to find the right one! If you happen to live in the Lake Norman, North Carolina or greater Charlotte area, come see me at our Cornelius Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture shop and I will personally custom-fit you to a pillow that can help you maximize your sleep.

We give you a free pillow fitting at your first blood donation when you donate at our store’s One Blood event every few months too! 

Now it’s time for the big news! Ladies and gentlemen: I am proud to announce that I have found a new sidekick. Pillow Pupper is back!

I would love to introduce you to Duncan! While Red Dog, the original Pillow Pupper, was first to be Pillow Pupper, Duncan has agreed to carry the torch.

We lost Red Dog in the spring of 2021. In November, it just so happened that the rescue I had gotten Red Dog from had another old man Pomeranian. We drove to pick him up. Poor pupper was shaved down and healed from a fur-related injury.

Duncan spent a few weeks with us and found his routine. He came into the store over a period of several months as well. I didn’t just adopt him and force him to be my sidekick.

It was important to see his temperament and to gauge whether he enjoyed the showroom or not. Lucky for us both, he does!  And so we have Pillow Pupper 2.0, or affectionately to us here at Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture, just Pillow Pupper. 

Duncan got his debut as Pillow Pupper at a pup parade in Birkdale Village. We donated some blankets and food to an animal shelter here in the Lake Norman area, Piedmont Animal Rescue.

My family has rescued two pups from them — one is Bonzai who lives at my mother-in-law’s house and the other is Copper, a Pekingese Pomeranian mix who is one of the rascals who sleeps in the human bed every night. Lucky for him, he’s really cute!  

In any regard, whether you experience neck pain on a daily basis or you experience loneliness the same way, I highly recommend a pillow — or a pupper! — to ease the tension, reduce stress, and help you sleep like a superhero.

Every person needs a pupper, every mattress needs a pillow, and every superhero needs a sidekick!

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