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A Conversation with a First-Ballot Hall-of-Famer, Jamar Wray aka JWray300K

Charlie welcomes Jamar Wray, a Sales Manager, Sleep and Home Furnishings expert, and a five-time million-dollar Memory Maker.

During the conversation, Jamar shares valuable sales strategies, what motivates and inspires him to keep getting better, how to get a mentor, his all-star teammate, and his goal for this year (two million dollars, here he comes!).

Jamar started as a CSR with UPS, worked his way up from the bottom, then moved to AcceptanceNOW, and finally over to Ashley with the River. At first, he was nervous about commission sales, but knowing he could never be content being an average writer, Jamar dominated the floor right away. In fact, Jamar was so proficient on the salesfloor that he began teaching Retail 101 classes after only six months with the River.

Jamar also shares the key to his persistent peak-level performance, as well as his most proud achievements. Listen to his story to find out how he deals with the consistent grind of being on the sales floor, what his first few days were like, how he feels about his team, and what he likes to do in his free time.


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Stories from the River Podcast explores the personal journeys of Broad River Retail’s very own Memory Makers. Whether it’s interviews or standalone narratives, Stories from the River will bring you closer to what it’s like to thrive inside the company. This show will share personal experiences from stores, distribution centers, call centers, and corporate campuses, giving listeners a front row seat to what it’s really like to be a Memory Maker furnishing life’s best memories every day.

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Welcome to Stories from the River, a podcast brought to you by Broad River Retail, where we’ll explore the personal journeys of our Memory Makers and share real stories from across the organization. And now for your host, president and CEO at the River, Charlie Malouf.

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