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182 Days in Space with NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy

Chris Cassidy was the 500th person in history to fly into outer space. He was NASA’s 14th Chief Astronaut and has completed six space walks.

Cassidy is a former NAVY SEAL and has been deployed twice to the Mediterranean and twice to Afghanistan. He is the recipient of two Bronze Stars. 

Chris is also Jeff Cassidy’s brother. Jeff is with and is well known throughout the mattress industry. 

In this episode, Dos Marcos find out what it’s like to be Jeff’s brother, talk backyard football plays, and discuss sleeping naked in space.

Find out what it’s like on rocket launch day, get insights into the mental aspect of being an astronaut, and hear about how Chris faces life or death circumstances. 

Many thanks to our friend Jeff for setting up this interview and thank you to Chris for taking time to talk. 

Be sure to check out Jeff and Chris’ charity Spreading Positivity.

Thank you to our headline sponsor Nationwide Marketing Group. Nationwide serves more than 5,500 retail members with tools, resources, training and technology to help their businesses grow.  

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